Over 2500 cases successfully resolved

$10,000,000 judgment against drunk driver who hit pedestrian causing multiple fractures

$3,900,000 recovery against drunk driver who hit good Samaritan causing massive injuries

$1,000,000 dangerous premises brain injury to child due to fall through faulty railing at motel

$760,000 broken leg requiring surgery and hospitalization due to farming accident

$400,000 dangerous premises brain injury and hearing loss due to exploded tire

$300,000 negligent child care injuries to baby due to negligent child care worker

$290,000 motorcycle accident broken leg requiring surgery

$250,000 car accident broken legs and head injury

$220,000 bus accident closed head injury to minor

$250,000 wrongful death death to child due to negligent security at hotel

$200,000 defective product property damage due to defective car part

$175,000 car accident neck and back injuries

$175,000 dangerous premises broken hip due to trip and fall at grocery store

$175,000 car accident broken leg due to drunk driver

$165,000 car accident neck injury due to accident with drunk driver

$150,000 insurance coverage dispute appellate opinion on coverage for wrongful death beneficiary

$100,000 dog attack multiple puncture injuries, organ damage

$100,000 nursing home accident broken hip

$100,000 car accident bulging disc in back

$100,000 dangerous premises – fire injury due to smoke inhalation